The Duties of a Crime Scene Investigator

What Is A Crime Scene Investigator?   A Crime Scene Investigator or simply CSI is a trained police officer that looks for and analyzes evidences. They are also called as identification officers. They work with the members of the police team but they are more focused on the crime scene itself. Crime scene refers to the location or site in […]

Some Facts on Crime Scene Investigations

Crime scenes are difficult to investigate and require seamless approaches for the best results. No common approach is possible as crime scenes have   distinct natures. Probably what’s typical is how agents investigate. Investigators have to ensure no detail is tampered. They use: Gloves Tweezers Other necessary tools or equipment CSIs (crime scene investigators) gather as much evidence as they can […]

Common White Collar Crime and Prosecution

In the U.S., white collar crimes are rampant and more complex than ever as offenders use state of the art technology in their crooked dealings. Worse, it takes time to prosecute them for those crimes. Thus, talented investigators are required to handle these crimes. A prosecution team requires advanced tools and equipment to investigate and prosecute white collar crimes. Hardest […]