Keep Your Tile & Grout Looking New

Tile flooring is the first choice of many homeowners for their bathroom floors and showers, mudrooms, entryways and foyers, and kitchen floors and backsplashes.

Tile is available in any colour, style, size, and motif, and is durable a colourisation.  It’s easy to find the perfect tile for every area of the home.  
Tile floors and tiled areas are easy to keep clean, too.  Simple maintenance cleaning and the occasional deep cleaning and stain treatment will keep your tile and grout clean, functioning, and be looking great. Use our tips for keeping tile and grout in good shape:
    • Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 9.12.20 AM.pngTake shorter showers.  Warm and moist air is the perfect environment for mildew and mould to thrive.  If you have tiled showers and bathroom flooring, keep your showers brief and be sure to run the exhaust fan.


    • After each shower, use a squeegee to wipe down the tiles and glass.  This will prevent excess water from settling into the porous grout and will leave fewer mineral deposits on the tile and glass doors.


    • Clean up spills as they occur.  The longer a spill sits on the tile, the higher the likelihood that it will become a stain.  Grout is especially prone to staining since it is porous and typically light in colour.  If you accidentally spill food onto the tile in your kitchen, wipe it up before it becomes permanent.


    • When cleaning your tile and grout, start by using the mildest cleaning methods and work your way up to the more intense cleaners and methods, only as needed.  Harsh cleaning chemicals, such as bleach, may make your grout look clean for a short time, but they also strip away the water repellency capabilities.  Once that happens, the group begins to erode and becomes more susceptible to mildew and discolouration, and may ultimately require re­grouting.


    • Call on a great professional tile cleaning Melbourne experts company.  If you have a stain that won’t go away or an especially tough case of mildew or grime buildup, or even if you simply do not want to hassle with getting on your hands and knees and cleaning your tile, find the best tile and grout cleaning service in your neighborhood and let the pros take on the tile care!  Grout is porous, and getting it clean is a notoriously difficult DIY project.  If a stain or spill has had time to settle into it, the situation may call for professional grade solutions and tools.  Great tile and grout cleaners come to your home equipped with the right tools for the job, and the right training to restore your grout and tile.  Good professional floor cleaning companies will also be able to apply a sealant to the grout lines.  This will create a barrier between your grout and any contaminants that may come into contact with it, giving you more time to clean up a spill when it occurs.


Tile surfaces are extremely easy to keep clean, but they’ll show damage, stains, and wear without the right maintenance and care, and the occasional deep cleaning.

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